ABC Jesus Loves Me: Preschool Curriculum through Play is a comprehensive, research-based preschool curriculum focusing on Bible, academics, and development. This curriculum contains goals and objectives to gauge the child’s learning and growth. We believe children are blessings from God.  He has created each child unique and special.  Learning should be incorporated into the child’s day instead of controlling his/her day.  We believe preschoolers should be able to explore, play, and learn new things through trial and error; not through “drill, drill, drill.”  Our simple and basic curriculum allows success for the most energetic child but allows for supplemental material to be added for the child who desires more sit-down activities.

The 2 Year Curriculum focuses on themes with corresponding Bible stories.  Bible stories are supported with memory verses, songs, and finger plays, poems or nursery rhymes.  Academically, 2-year-olds are introduced to colors, shapes, counting to 10, and saying letters.  The child is also taught self-care and manners along with personal information.  A “Book of the Week” introduces your child to some of the best preschool books in print.

By the end of the year your child will

  • be introduced to and know several Bible stories, Memory Verses, Nursery Rhymes, Finger plays, and Songs which they can recall when prompted
  • know his/her first, middle, and last name along with his/her dad’s, mom’s, and sibling(s) names
  • know the name of his/her home town and state
  • say each letter of the alphabet in order
  • be exposed to pointing and counting numbers 1-10
  • be exposed to various colors and shapes
  • be introduced to many books
  • increase in fine and gross motor skills
  • understand basic manners and self-care points