High Reach Learning Curriculum for Fives is based on a strong history and solid theoretical foundation. The High Reach curriculum was written to help children develop a strong foundation for future school success. The curriculum includes activities in the four main subject areas (Language Arts, Math, Science and Social Studies) as well as educational activities designed for hands-on learning centers. A well balanced phonics component is built into the Language Arts portion of the curriculum as well as a strong sight word focus.

A sample of topics discussed throughout the year is listed below.

Language Arts:

  • Recognizes and names all capital and lowercase letters
  • Distinguishes letters from words
  • Matches each consonant or short vowel sound to the corresponding letter
  • Identifies beginning sounds in words (e.g. /h/ in hat)
  • Blends phonemes into simple words (e.g. /h/ /a/ /t/ = hat)
  • Segments phonemes of words (e.g. hat = /h/ /a/ /t/)
  • Retells a story in sequential order
  • Answers simple questions about the main characters, setting, and events in a story
  • Distinguishes between fiction and nonfiction
  • Writes own name (first and last)
  • Prints all capital and lowercase letters



  • Counts forward to 20 or higher and backwards from 10
  • Identifies the numerals 0-20
  • Can count, with one to one correspondence, sets of 20 or fewer
  • Compares sets of objects using words such as fewer, more, less, same, etc.
  • Identifies the following shapes: circle, triangle, rectangle, square, oval, pentagon, octagon, sphere, cone, cylinder, and cube.
  • Demonstrates spatial awareness by using positional words (e.g. on, off, above, below, beside, etc.)
  • Compares and contrasts objects according to two attributes (e.g., shape and size, shape and color)
  • Selects the appropriate measuring instrument to measure length (ruler), time (clock), and temperature (thermometer)
  • Tells time to the hour on both a digital clock and analog clock
  • Identifies the following coins and value of each; penny, nickel, dime and quarter



  • Plans and conducts simple experiments
  • Uses five senses to make observations and gather information
  • Observes and describes what living creatures (plants and animals) need in order to live
  • Describes the life cycles and changes plants and animals go through during their life (e.g., egg to chick, seed to plant)
  • Identifies types of food that help the body grow
  • Observes and records weather changes from day to day and over the four seasons


Social Studies:

  • Identifies the American Flag as a symbol of our country
  • Identifies a globe as a representation of Earth
  • Understands how different modes of transportation move people and goods from place to place
  • Understands that a map is a representational drawing of a location
  • Understands how children within the local community and around the world have common needs (e.g., language, customs, etc.)
  • Understands how children within the local community and around the world are different (e.g., language, customs, etc.)
  • Understands that money is used to purchase goods and services




Walk with Me is used for our Bible Curriculum. At Parkview Preschool children are taught that god, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus, his son created us uniquely and loves us dearly. The children are also taught that the Bible, being a special book, communicates stories about God and his love for all creation and about His desire for us to love Him.