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Parkview Baptist Church Preschool was founded in 1973. Since then our main goal has been to provide a safe environment that encourages children to grow & learn about God and His son, Jesus Christ. Our Christian faculty and administration are dedicated to the development of the entire child. Through the guidance of carefully selected teachers, your child will have the opportunity to explore their world socially, emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually toward optimal growth. It is our goal to create a secure, caring and stimulating atmosphere in which children can grow and mature in all aspects of life.

At Parkview Baptist Church Preschool children are taught that God, our Heavenly Father, and Jesus, His son, created us uniquely and love us dearly. The children are also taught that the Bible, being a special book, communicates stories about God and His love for all creation and about His desire for us to love Him.

Every classroom represents a unique community of learners that varies in ability and learning styles. Our teachers understand that it is their role to give children the tools they need to be successful in learning. We present curriculum that involves children’s interests yet challenges their academics. Teachers will provide students with hands-on activities and allow for adequate time and space for students to manipulate materials that will help reinforce the topics being covered. This allows children to make individual discoveries and makes learning meaningful to each individual.

We strive to promote an environment where children become independent, confident, lifelong learners with a strong sense of self. We proudly offer a positive experience that fosters a love of learning in a nurturing community.

We hope to offer the same experience to your child in the near future. Thank you for considering Parkview Baptist Church Preschool.