Thank you for your interest in Parkview Baptist Church and its ministry, Parkview Baptist Preschool. It is our intention to make our preschool accessible to children and families of Parkview Baptist Church, its ministries, and all other interested families in our community. Families seeking admission are evaluated on the basis of their relationship to and support of Parkview Baptist Church, its ministries and potential to adapt satisfactorily at Parkview Baptist. We endeavor to enroll children and families who will exhibit the Biblical values of Christian family character as well as demonstration of enthusiasm for the learning process. We do welcome all religious denominations though our beliefs and teachings reflect Christianity with a solid Biblical foundation.

To begin the admissions process Contact Us to:

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“We promise you will love our Preschool family!”




Priority System

Our policy on admissions reflects the vision of our church which is to enroll church members’ children, children whose families have supported Parkview Baptist School and families who wish for their child to continue their education with Parkview Baptist School. All other openings will be filled according to the priority list below:

  1. Children of Parkview Baptist Church Staff Ministers
  2. Children of Parkview Baptist Church Employees
  3. Children or Grandchildren of Active PBC members
  4. Children of Parkview Baptist School Employees
  5. Children of Parkview Baptist School Alumni
  6. Siblings of those enrolled in PBS
  7. Siblings of PBS Kindergarten-bound children
  8. Siblings of preschoolers enrolled in the current program (six weeks thru young fours)
  9. Currently enrolled children
  10. Children of Southern Baptist Church members
  11. Others on the Waiting List with no priority


To support Parkview Baptist Preschool’s priority list, it is the church’s policy that children currently enrolled and those interested in enrolling be considered in order of their priority at the beginning of each calendar year. In effect, all classrooms each year are filled from the priority list.

NOTE: Please call the preschool if your priority changes.

For more information, please email our Admissions Coordinator, Becky LaCour at