All that happens in a preschool classroom on any given day is a part of the curriculum offered. Our curriculum builds the foundation for the love of learning with a strong emphasis on the Bible and character development. Here at Parkview, we have on staff Liberty Cheatham, our Curriculum Coordinator who has a Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Liberty works very hard to provide each class of all ages age appropriate materials to aid in the children’s learning and growing.

We offer a nurturing environment that encourages the development of the entire child. We believe that the preschool should be a time of fun, security, exploration, and discovery. One of our main responsibilities is to provide a quality education program for young children.

We use learning centers to help children explore the topics and themes we are covering. In the centers, children will learn to explore materials, make predictions, draw their own conclusions, and share ideas with others. The teacher will lead them to further discovery through questioning, guidance, and support. Young children use their senses to learn. We use play as a method of instruction because play is concrete, first hand, and active. Through activities and games children construct their own learning. There will be free play during the day, but most of a child’s day will be pre-planned activities with a purpose. The skills taught are not just taught once and then dropped, but taught and reviewed again and again through different activities and discussions.

We provide an excellent developmental/educational program and offer Enrichment classes in:

  • Music
  •  Art
  • Spanish
  • Gymnastics (Tumbling Tigers)
  •  Soccer (Happy Feet)